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Abbigliamento Uomo/Donna Streetwear

Kerol D. is a streetwear brand born in 2013 in sunny California, designing a true vision of urban life where a mix of ideas and enthusiasm come together from a group of young people inspired by all the underground cultures, and translating this VISION into ultra-refined fashion with an unmistakable fusion of current trends

The love for art, music, and traveling is also what shapes each of our collection season after season. A kind of creativity with strong design aesthetic meant to be worn.

The label stays true to its L.A. roots, with locally sourced, fabrics and materials. One of our main concept and production method is that we strictly create each of our garments in the heart of Los Angeles.

Kerol D. apparel has caught the eye of many Stylists, Buyers, Fashion Editors, Bloggers as Chiara Ferragni, Michelle Phan, Jenn Im, Charlie Barker and Celebrities as Emma Roberts, Vanessa Hudgens, Bella Thorne and more. We were featured in Nylon, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, The Fader, Vogue Italy, Galore Mag and now sold in cutting-edge boutiques.


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