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Abbigliamento e accessori da donna

Isabelle Blanche was born from a dream, to establish an independent brand with the characteristics of luxury fashion, while maintaining the perfect equilibrium of quality, price, and distribution. Their signature style juxtapositions modern femininity with archetypal sartorial interpretations, creating whimsically sophisticated apparel for girls who love to travel to the world. Isabelle Blanche embodies the mindset of the dynamic everyday woman, offering garments that will make anyone feel beautiful. Quality, sizing, and fit will remain true, comfortable and made for all body types. The family business was founded by second-generation clothing manufacturers in Italy, with the expertise in garment construction and fitting. The founders lived numerous years in Paris and fell in love with the picturesque metropolis, inspiring them to return to their Tuscan origins with a vision to set up this cosmopolitan-inspired label.

Isabelle Blanche’s presence is ever-growing, and their international design team continues to create clothing for the influential, charismatic and avant-garde.  

Allow Isabelle Blanche to inspire your fantasy expedition into our fantastic world.


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